“Entertaining ALL Your Custom Magazine Ideas and Desires”

“Entertaining ALL Your Custom Magazine Ideas and Desires”

 Custom Magazine Entertainment

“Photography, Publishing, Agency, Graphic Designs, Logos and MORE” 


 Custom Magazine Entertainment

“Photography, Publishing, Agency, Graphic Designs, Logos and MORE” 

Custom Magazine Entertainment was inspired by Joshua “Iso” Darnell and founded by published model Jessie Dream “Dana Ortiz”. Started out as Ink’d in Skin and Model Port Magazines. Ink’d in Skin featuring tattoo shops and tattoo artist, full custom tattoo artist and tattoo shop magazines. Model Port featuring full custom model magazines or portfolios. Until, Halloween 2018 when Cme published and released issue 1 featuring Woods of Terror.

Now 2019, Custom Magazine Entertainment helps create, produce and publish magazines for agencies such as Ink Queens, Cannabis Queens and more. Custom Magazine Entertainment also helps entertainers, models, businesses, etc. create custom business cards or logos. Models that submit their images to Custom Magazine Entertainment have the option to also submit to Ink Queens, Cannabis Queens, Inkd Barbie Magazine and more. Meaning, models who submit to Custom Magazine Entertainment have a chance at multiple features and publishings.

Do models get paid or compensated for their images? Compensated, YES! Cme Magazines will give permission or the rights to resell magazines at a profit. Example: Sign and resell Cme Magazines at your events, on your website, etc. This ONLY includes Cme issued magazines! Meaning, this does NOT include Inkd Barbie Magazine, Smokin Ink Magazine, etc. Custom Magazine Entertainment ONLY submits to these agencies on your behalf for multiple publishing!

Submissions to Inkd Barbie Magazine, Smokin Ink, etc. are NOT guaranteed!

Our Founder

Self-Submissions Always FREE

Self-Submissions are NOT guaranteed for publishing or featuring!

Paid features will come first and then self-submissions are placed in magazines after that. 

**Guarantee Paid Features in Cme Magazines**

1 Page ~ $15 USD

2 Pages ~ $25 USD

3 Pages ~ $35 USD

4 Pages ~ $40 USD

Back Cover ~ $100 USD

Front Cover ~ $100 USD

ALL paid features included social media feature, website feature and wholesale pricing on published magazine.

Prices Based on Self-Submissions ONLY!

Submit unseen images to JD.Images@aol.com or Submit@CmeMagazines.com

PDF File “Magazine“ Provided to Cover Models, Front and Back. To learn more about the PDF File and how to use it please visit our PDF File Page

Go from reselling your magazines at events, etc. to online sells, direct prints and more...

PDF File Release $100

Submit and Submissions

Cme PDF Files

Having the magazine or magazines of your dreams is now just an email away.....

• Special Events

• Birthday Parties

• Weddings

• Record Labels 

• Modeling Agencies

• Much MORE 

Email JD@CmeMagazines.com or JD.Images@aol.com

Do you have a PDF File provided by Cme Magazine? Unsure, what to do with it to make money?

Find out more

Magazines in Bulk

1 - 9 copies Base price

 10 - 49 copies 15% OFF

 50 - 99 copies 20% OFF

100+ copies 25% OFF

Cme Magazines

Custom Swimsuits, Legging, T-Shirts, Blankets, Socks, Hoodies and MORE

Cme Merchandise

Custom Cartoons/Logos


$60 and UP, based on needs!

Email JD@CmeMagazines.com or JD.Images@aol.com 

Custom Cartoons and Logos

Our Mascot/Public Figure


Inspired by Woods of Terror @thewoodsofterror actor and entertainer Raggy the Doll @raggythedoll 

Bonita Rag @bonitarag

Bonita Rag

Cme Advertising


Would you like an ad in Cme Magazines?!? 

2 to 3 page ad, sponsorship credits on front cover, website and social media credits. Plus, the right and ability to sell for a profit just like our published models. 


Please, email JD.Images@aol.com for inquiry.

Preview Provided; Fallen Heroes Tattoo 


Have a magazine idea for us?

Send us a message and let us know what you desire.

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Custom Magazine Entertainment

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