Cme Magazine

Cme Issue #1 "Woods of Terror"


Custom Magazine Entertainment “Cme” presents Woods of Terror @thewoodsofterror, GREENSBORO’S SCARIEST HAUNTED THRILL PARK! 

5601 North Church Street Greensboro, NC 

Featuring Entertainers Bone Daddy @bonedaddy_woodsofterror, Punk @punkclown13, Jinx @jinx_woodsofterror, WizziT @djwizzit, Lucy Lueifer @lucy_woodsofterror, Sadisto @sadisto_187, Sploosh @splooshtheclown, Nemesis @nemesistheklown, OC Skreech @ocskreech, Hex @the_original_hex, MX Iggy @hellcartel, RelLik @rellikdakillerklown, Shackles @shackles_the_fire_god and Ravina Blackwell @ravinablackwell.wot 

Woods of Terror Photographer @gatorman0073

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Cme Issue #2


Sponsors: SEVL Studio and Terry Hemp Company

Photographers: JD Images @jd_iso and Extravagant Images @extravagantimages

Featuring: Abbigail Nadine @nfinitibeyond14, Leggy Lea @leggylea420, Jessie Dream @inkd_jessie, Lulu Letty @lulu.letty, Alyssa Ravenwood @alyssaravenwood135 and Silvana

Find Model Bios or Favorite Quotes in Stoner High Girls Magazine Issue #1

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Cme Issue #3



Whitney @whitneyfaith16120 Photographer @colin_ward_photography, Jasmine @jasmineamandamodel Photographer @colin_ward_photography, Jessie Dream @inkd_jessie Photographer @kari_s_focus, Tatu Amy @tatuamy13, Harmoni J @harmonij05model Photographer @jd_iso, Liere von Can @double_savage Photographer @baronparrillusky, Sara Photographers @farmerpauls_homesteading, Artemis Lee @artemismodeling Photographer @kmacxkmc, Krissy Ann @krissyannmodel Photographer @game_over_images_, Hippie Jessie @hippiejessie19xx Photographer @mikegoodell, Nikki Narvaez @nikki.narvaez Photographer @iamdaze_ and Angela Mazzanti @angela_mazzanti Photographer @socrisp_

Fallen Heroes Tattoo @fallenheroestattoo

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Cme Issue #4


Cover Model Clara Tomlin @clara.tomlin.official Photographer @theraw_photo


• Jessie Dream @inkd_jessie Photography @jd_iso

• Tatu Amy @tatuamy13 Photography @jd_iso

• Andrea @andreacarrasco.kandi Photographer @kari_s_focus

• Shurea @shureaellis Photographer @joseph_fitzer_photography

• Ink Queens “Kaylin Bek” @kaylinbek Photographer @kari_s_focus

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Cme Milk Bath Volume #1


Cme Milk Bath Volume #1 


Amanda Jabori @ajabori11 Photographer @ramonakoonphotography, Miss Captain Morgan @misscaptmorgan Photographer @richard_tywest, Trisha Burg @awkerd_me Photographer @joseph_fitzer_photography, Freckles @xoxofreckles Photography @jd_iso, Laura Photography @jd_iso, Whitney @whitneyfaith16120 and Jasmine @jasmineamandamodel Photographer @colin_ward_photography

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Ink Queens Magazine

Ink Queens Issue #1



Liere von Can @double_savage Photographer @baronparrillusky, Sara Photographer @tlewald, Nikki Narvaez @nikki.narvaez Photographer @iamdaze_, Hippie Jessie @hippiejessie19xx Photographer @mikegoodell, Artemis Lee @artemismodeling Photographer @kmacxkmc, Jessie Dream @inkd_jessie Photographer @kari_s_focus, Tatu Amy @tatuamy13 Photographer @mcbride_photography_303, Heather Ashley @heatherashley_87 Photographer @mcbride_photography_303 and Harmoni J @harmonij05model Photographer @thephotofred

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Ink Queens Issue #2 "Jerel INK Birthday Special"


Ink Queens Issue #2 "Jerel INK Birthday Special" 

Happy Birthday to Our Founder @jerelink

From Us ALL @theinkqueens

Photographer @kari_s_focus


• Front Cover, Harmoni J @harmonij05model

• Back Cover, Tatu Amy @tatuamy13

• Jessie Dream @inkd_jessie

• Kaylin Bek @kaylinbek

• Aviana @frumpasaurus

• Beatriz @brodriguez422

• Jerel INK @jerelink

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Cannabis Queens Magazine

Cannabis Queens Issue #1



Hippie Jessie @hippiejessie19xx Photographer @brokenglassfoto, Sara Photographer @tlewald, Freckles @xoxofreckles Photographer @jd_iso, Freckles and Brittany @mizzbrit.n Photographer @kari_s_focus, Space Queen @thespacequeen420 Photographer @darkphoto916, Acinonyx Rex @acinonyx_rex_the_model Photographer @houseofwinter and Nikki Narvaez @nikki.narvaez Photographer @iamdaze_ 

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Cme Music Mag

Cme Music Mag "Jerel INK"


The founder of Ink Queens, BLACK Lemonade and the Blacklaw Family, Jerel INK.

Cme Magazines is honored to be working with Jerel INK and his Ink Queens "Worldwide". 

Here to help Cme Magazines introduce Music Mag, Jerel INK. Issue #1

Jerel INK @jerelink

Blacklaw Family @blacklawfamily

Ink Queens @theinkqueens

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Cme Music Mag "ATL Event" Issue #2


Exclusive Blacklaw ATL Event 

Blacklaw Family @blacklawfamily

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Model Port Magazine

Model Port “Angela Mazzanti”


Custom Magazine Entertainment "Model Port" 

*Full Custom Model Portfolios*  

Angela Mazzanti 

Instagram @angela_mazzanti 

Photography SoCrisp 

Instagram @socrisp_ 

Cover Model to Cme Issue #3

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Model Port "Clara Tomlin"


Models Instagram @clara.tomlin.official Photographer Instagram @theraw_photo

Cover Model to Cme Issue #4

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Model Port “TatuAmy”


TatuAmy Instagram @tatuamy13 

Booking at Photographer Instagram @mcbride_photography_303 

Tattoo Artist Instagram @isaiahespinosa @ninthlifestudio

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Cme Cosplay


Cme Cosplay Colorado “A Twisted Fairytale”

Concept by Torrey Collins “Haus of Onyx”

Designs by Luckey of Robert’s Re-Creations 


• The Dark Prince @mr.riddle4ever

• Sinister Cinderella @missbellabombshell

• Drizella Tremaine @naepiper

• Fairy Godmother @lex.cherryyy.xo

• Lady Prudence @special_k808

• Lady Beatrice @pepperfx13

• Anastasia Tremaine @nikkiscosplay

Photographer @extravagantimages

Cme Magazines 

“Entertaining all your custom magazine ideas and desires!”

Custom Magazine Entertainment

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Ink’d in Skin Magazine

Ink’d in Skin “Iso”


Ink'd in Skin featuring Iso

Instagram @jsrealink

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Ink’d in Skin “Mind Over Matter”


Craig “Bowser” Boucher

Instagram @tattoos_by_craigboucher

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Ink’d in Skin “Highlife”


Ink'd in Skin featuring Joshua “Highlife” Miller

Award Winning Artist, Shop Owner "Trinity Tattoo Co." and Published Artist 

Instagram @highlife_tat2

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Ink’d in Skin “Mina Z.”


Ink'd in Skin featuring Award Winning Artist Mina Z.

Instagram @minazacharias

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