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Dana Ortiz “Jessie Dream”

Retired Certified Dog Trainer known for her Service Dog Training and ability to help others. Multi Published Model, Mentor and Much MORE....


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Tattoo Aftercare Tips by Jessie Dream

Why aftercare matters

Scarring and Infections

A tattoo is more than just a piece of art and a way to assert your personal style. It’s a medical procedure, because the artist uses a needle to insert the ink underneath your skin. Any time you open the skin, you leave yourself vulnerable to scarring and infections.

Preparing For a Tattoo 

Most tattoo artist will not tattoo on skin with eczema or other medical skin conditions.

Typical Dry Skin, Do NOT Fear!

Lotion Daily for 2 Days Before your Appointment

~“Ladies” Do NOT Shave the Day of or Day Before your Appointment~

Your tattoo artist will most likey shave the desired area before your tattoo and you do NOT want to have razor burn or irritated skin! 

Wear Appropriate Clothing!

For Example: If you are getting a tattoo on your calf wear shorts or a skirt because you do not want to cover up your tattoo with jean, leggings, etc. unless your tattoo artist is applying 2nd Skin after doing your tattoo.

Tattoos are medical procedure, any time you open the skin, you leave yourself vulnerable to scarring and infections!



when you get home....

After a few hours, you can remove the bandage your tattoo artist applied. Wash your hands first with lukewarm water and soap, do NOT forget this step! Then gently wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap and water.

Pat your skin dry with a soft cloth.

You can keep the bandage off at this point to let your skin breathe.

While your tattoo heals, you should:

  • avoid the sun
  • wear sun-protective clothing whenever you go outside
  • call your tattoo artist or doctor if you have any signs of infection or other problems

You shouldn’t:

  • cover your tattoo with sunblock until it’s fully healed
  • scratch or pick at the tattoo
  • wear tight clothing over the tattoo
  • go swimming or immerse your body in water (showers are fine)

Wash your tattoo two to three times a day!

Use Aquaphor once to twice a day, 2-3 days after getting your tattoo. Aquaphor can be found at any local pharmacy and is usually with bandaid, burn creams, etc.

How often you use Aquaphor will depend on each individual based on skin type!

If you naturally have dry skin you may need to use more Aquaphor then a person with oily skin.

“I personally just keep my tattoo clean with soap and water 3 to 4 times a day, then use Aquaphor once or twice a day, when it looks like the what you should see image below because I don't have dry or oily skin. Once healed, sunscreen ALWAYS!”~Jessie Dream

After your tattoo is healed....


VERY IMPORTAN: if you want the life of your tattoo to be Forever, AVOID the Sun, Tanning Beds, Spray Tan, Etc.

SPF 100 Sunscreen 


Too Much Moisture


If you see this, it’s a sign of too much moisture!

Can pull up ink, scar or bring on an infection!

What you WANT to see!


Dead Skin


Not Enough Moisture


If you see this, it’s a sign of not enough moist.

Can pull up ink, scar or bring on an infection!